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The UK’s Serious Fraud Office on Thursday said it has started a joint investigation with Dutch authorities
20 May 2019 | John McGarrity
The gap between aviation biofuel and conventional kerosene in Europe could narrow if moves by some....
20 May 2019 | John McGarrity
Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG), one of the world's biggest manufacturers of marine engines said on May 17 that it will...
20 May 2019 | John McGarrity
Colombia has placed an anti-subsidy duty of 9.3% on imported US ethanol for four months, a threshold that the Latin American...
Market Commentary
17 May 2019
With underlying diesel and mineral oil values moving higher over the week, up by around $20/mt on an Amsterdam-Rotterdam...

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Editor's Pick
13 May 2019 | John McGarrity
The UK government needs to outline what incentives will be in place after 2020 so that green gas can play an enhanced...
The UK’s Serious Fraud Office on Thursday said it has started a joint investigation with Dutch authorities
16 May 2019 | John McGarrity
Vietnam's efforts to promote E5 ethanol appear to be floundering after sales of the biofuel have fallen since the end of last year...
17 May 2019 | Tim Worledge
A prominent senator from the Republican party has lashed out at the government agency that oversees the country’s biofuels...
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The UK’s Serious Fraud Office on Thursday said it has started a joint investigation with Dutch authorities
15 May 2019 | John McGarrity
The EU's scrapping of anti-dumping duties on US ethanol has prompted sharply divergent assessments of the potential impact on European producers...
5 Jan 2018 | Tim Worledge
Pressure on European biodiesel prices has undermined the values for the UK’s renewable transport fuel certificates (RTFC) as the biofuel’s relatively low price has seen market sources turning to the fuel rather than buying certificates to cover their renewable obligations, market sources said Friday.
9 May 2019 | John McGarrity
The UK government has issued 1.83 billion Road Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs) so far for the Year-11 compliance period...
More News
2 hours ago | Tim Worledge
A substantial rise in corn futures prices has pitched US ethanol production margins into negative territory and stoked fresh...
16 May 2019 | John McGarrity
Earnings at one of Europe’s biggest ethanol producers have fallen for a third successive year as the company...
15 May 2019 | Tim Worledge
US ethanol production climbed to 1.051 million barrels per day in the week ending May 10, equating to around 110 million...
13 May 2019 | John McGarrity
Swedish fuels producer Preem has intensified a partnership with compatriot Vattenfall – one of Europe’s largest electricity...
13 May 2019 | John McGarrity
An Indian subsidiary of US biodiesel producer Aemetis has landed a contract to supply three Indian government-owned oil...
13 May 2019 | John McGarrity
Australian airline Qantas has said that the country’s next federal government will need to discuss how to provide biofuel...
13 May 2019 | John McGarrity
Norway’s consumption of palm oil biodiesel plummeted 70% last year compared with the previous year’s figure amid moves...
10 May 2019 | John McGarrity
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed to raise the annual volume of biofuels that fuel refiners must blend...
9 May 2019 | Reese Ewing
Two cities in Sao Paulo – Brazil’s main sugarcane producing state – are building a 65-km pipeline that will distribute biogas to residents...