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20 hours ago | Misha Simonovska
Following a sudden jump in Renewable Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) prices last week due to the introduction of a 6.5% duty...
20 hours ago | Veronika Prykhodko
Prices for Asian used cooking oil (UCO) have been on an uptrend for four consecutive weeks, with offers at $900-910 per tonne...
11 Apr 2024 | Tim Worledge
Data from ReFuels, the Netherlands-based supplier of biogas to the UK road fuel network, showed a sharp increase in the...
11 Apr 2024 | Misha Simonovska
The European Parliament approved new regulations to strengthen CO2 emissions reduction targets for new heavy duty vehicles...
Market Commentary
18 hours ago
Prices in the UK’s renewable transport fuel certificate (RTFC) market declined this week, with the shock of last week’s sudden jump in ticket prices wearing off.

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Editor's Pick
5 Mar 2024 | Misha Simonovska
Singapore-based commodity trading company Trafigura has reached an agreement to acquire the European business of UK...
21 Feb 2024 | Tim Worledge
New car sales data have resolutely told a clear story of energy transition, with a sector decimated by the onset of pandemic...
19 Feb 2024 | Misha Simonovska
According to a recent analysis by industry group Transport & Environment (T&E), only 17% of electric cars sold in Europe fall...
21 Feb 2024 | Tim Worledge
The future of the US ethanol sector lies in sustainable aviation fuel, with a string of industry voices laying out expectations...
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10 Apr 2024 | Misha Simonovska
Swiss energy company Axpo will work with French energy investor ENEGO to explore the potential construction of a 100...
8 Apr 2024 | Misha Simonovska
Energy company Mabanaft announced it has acquired Germany-based WESTFA Energy — a prominent market participant in...
8 Apr 2024 | Misha Simonovska
In the first quarter of 2024, the UK witnessed a surge in its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and registrations of...
11 Apr 2024 | Tim Worledge
Data from ReFuels, the Netherlands-based supplier of biogas to the UK road fuel network, showed a sharp increase in the...
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11 Apr 2024 | Misha Simonovska
Energy major Repsol has revealed its entry into the biomethane market through a collaboration with Genia Bioenergy, securing...
10 Apr 2024 | Jocelyn Garcia
Weekly ethanol production in the United States declined by 17,000 barrels per day to 1.056 million barrels per day in the week to Friday April 5, according to the latest data published by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) on April 10.
5 Apr 2024 | Misha Simonovska
The UK had installed more than 59,590 electric vehicle (EV) chargers by the end of March this year, a 47% year-on-year...
5 Apr 2024 | Misha Simonovska
Saudi Arabian biofuel producer The Biofuel Company has announced plans to expand its refining capacity, intending to...
5 Apr 2024 | Veronika Prykhodko
The government of the Netherlands has increased renewable fuel production obligations to 28.4% for 2024, up from 19.9%,...
5 Apr 2024 | Misha Simonovska
UK car registrations increased by 10.4% in March, marking the 20th consecutive month of growth, according to the latest data...
4 Apr 2024 | Wendy Dulaney
Green hydrogen company Avina announced its intention April 4 to build a new sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant within delivery...
A decision from the UK government to close a loophole that has allowed some biofuel suppliers to import blended biodiesel at a 0% tax rate has driven UK compliance tickets to a four-month high on Thursday April 4 – a week after decision was announced and amid fears that key biodiesel prices could increase.
4 Apr 2024 | Wendy Dulaney
Airports can apply for federal grants to build infrastructure to support the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the Federal...