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17 Aug 2018 | Reese Ewing
Brazilian ethanol producers are building inventories in preparation for an early end to the 2018/19 crush due to...
16 hours ago | John McGarrity
The US Environmental Protection Agency appears to have ditched a plan that would enable biofuels compliance credits to be applied to biofuels exports, pro-ethanol Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said in a 15 August telephone call with journalists.
16 hours ago | John McGarrity
India faces major hurdles if it is to meet its goal of producing most of its fuel ethanol from second-generation, non-edible...
16 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Argentina’s biodiesel production will this year fall to its lowest level since 2015, the US Department of Agriculture has forecast...
Market Commentary
19 hours ago
Limited activity on the certificate front saw no significant moves on Year 11 values, leaving them unchanged at 17.25...

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Editor's Pick
3 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) on 30 July published a new regulation that will make it easier for small producers to have a foothold in a market that is dominated by large and powerful agribusiness companies.
3 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Sheep farmers in drought-hit UK have taken aim at the use of food crops in anaerobic digesters (AD), claiming that...
3 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Fuel Ethanol production capacity in the United States reached more than 16 billion gallons per year, or 1.06 million barrels...
2 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
The UK government has issued 2.169 billion Road Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs) so far for the Year-10 compliance period...
Popular last 7 days
10 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Grocery retailer Waitrose and transport biogas supplier CNG Fuels will take part in the UK’s first widespread study of how fuels...
6 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Tyson Foods, one of the world’s biggest producers of chicken and a major player in the animal feed industry, has started...
Prices for German-produced biodiesel look set to rise sharply in the final quarter – and more than the seasonal norm –  as a scorching summer in Europe has reduced availability of rapeseed oil, which is the main feedstock for winter-use biodiesel produced in Europe’s biggest economy.
10 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Norway faces major supply challenges to meet a proposed introduction next year of a 1% mandate for sustainable jet fuel use, raising doubts about the feasibility of such thresholds in the near-term, respondents to a government public consultation have said over the past few weeks.
More News
10 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Neste, one of the world’s biggest producers of diesel from renewable sources, has reported higher margins in the first...
10 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
At least 12 biofuels plants have been planned in India, the country’s prime minister Najendra Modi said on 10 August as part of the country’s bid to triple production of bio-based alternatives to gasoline and diesel, and cut its oil import 120 billion rupees ($1.74 billion).  
3 Aug 2018 | John McGarrity
Indonesia plans to make the use of biodiesel-blended fuels compulsory from 1 September in a bid to  shore up the...
27 Jul 2018 | John McGarrity
Canada’s government has delayed the publication of regulations for its Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) so it can carry out analysis of how carbon intensive biofuels are compared with the conventional fuels they are intended to replace, a move that investors say will heighten uncertainty.
27 Jul 2018 | John McGarrity
Neste’s takeover of Dutch animal fats trader Demeter has been approved by the European Commission, clearing the way for a deal that will the Finnish biofuels producer greater sway in the market of feedstocks required to meet tougher EU mandates.
27 Jul 2018 | John McGarrity
Around 95% of vehicles can safely use E10 petrol in the UK, rather than the 90% estimated by the Department of Transport (DfT), a figure that should be taken into account by a government consultation on this issue, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for British Bioethanol has said in a recent report.
Sorghum oil has been approved as an eligible feedstock under the US Renewable Fuel Standard in a move that is expected to...
27 Jul 2018 | Tim Worledge
Registrations of new commercial vehicles in the UK slumped across all categories in June versus the same period of 2017...
27 Jul 2018 | John McGarrity
The acting head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said he will pursue his predecessor's work to overhaul...