Tim Worledge

UK ethanol producer Vivergo could be poised to restart its biofuel plant market sources said Friday, after the company publicly mothballing the facility on poor margins in December.
6 Mar 2018 |
In the end, it was as painless as the government said it would be – the revamped Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation order was passed unanimously through the House of Lords during the final stage of the Statutory Instrument process, Tuesday.
2 Mar 2018 |
The UK’s Department for Transport has signalled that it will introduce a raft of measures to improve guidance and support to industry participants affected by changes currently being made to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.
27 Feb 2018 |
Proposed changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation have cleared their first hurdle in parliamentary committee with the Draft Renewable Transport Fuels and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations 2018 passed unanimously during a delegated legislation committee, Monday.
23 Feb 2018 |
The European Commission has signalled a review into anti-dumping measures that have been in place for five years that target US ethanol imports – a measure that effectively defers a decision for another 15 months.
22 Jan 2018 |
Changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) will be pushed through parliament and will likely be in effect by the end of January, opposition MP Nic Dakin told Energy Census on Friday.
15 Jan 2018 |
The draft version of the legislation detailing proposed changes to the UK's Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation has been presented in parliament, a spokesperson at the Department for Transport said Monday.
5 Jan 2018 |
UK sales of new diesel cars will likely plunge further this year as environmental concerns, emissions testing scandals and uncertainty about future regulation will give biofuels producers plenty to think about in 2018.
5 Jan 2018 |
The province of Ontario in Canada has published a proposal to double the volume of ethanol blended in gasoline to 10% from 5% in a bid to cut consumption of fossil fuels and emissions.
5 Jan 2018 |
Pressure on European biodiesel prices has undermined the values for the UK’s renewable transport fuel certificates (RTFC) as the biofuel’s relatively low price has seen market sources turning to the fuel rather than buying certificates to cover their renewable obligations, market sources said Friday.
18 Dec 2017 |
The UK could add as much as 180 TWh of biomethane production by 2050 to help tackle carbon emissions in both transportation and domestic heating, delegates at the Renewable Energy Association’s Biomethane as a Transport Fuel conference were told Thursday.
15 Dec 2017 |
Trading in the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates has slowed as market participants grow increasingly concerned about delays to the introduction of the government’s proposed changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, the scheme underpinning the UK’s renewable transport fuel.
8 Dec 2017 |
US ethanol production topped 1.1 million barrels a day for the first time, while stock levels rose by half a million barrels, data released by the US Energy Information Administration for the week ending December 1 showed this week.
1 Dec 2017 |
The US Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday that refiners will have to blend slightly more biofuels in their transport fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard for the next two years - a move that was hailed as a victory for the biofuel industry.
28 Nov 2017 |
Energy major Royal Anglo Dutch Shell has revealed a fresh target to cut its emissions of carbon dioxide by around 50% by the year 2050 in a company strategy update released Tuesday.
10 Nov 2017 |
The US has slapped an import duty of 71-72% on imports of Argentine biofuel, according to a statement published by the US Department of Commerce, in a move that could trigger a WTO appeal and shut out Argentinian SME from the US market.
10 Nov 2017 |
Ambitious proposals to cut emissions in new cars across the European region stand accused of being fatally undermined after an apparent last-minute concession was made to the German car industry.