Road fuel demand in Spain during September remained below year-ago levels, with the total for diesel and gasoline ...
2 Oct 2020 | Sean Bartlett
Biodiesel consumption in Germany during July hit an all-time monthly record high of 289,000 mt at a rate of ...
24 Aug 2018 | Tim Worledge
Certificate prices for Year 11 renewable transport fuel certificates have firmed as market sources seek further information on a...
26 Jan 2018 | John McGarrity
Germany’s biodiesel industry is waiting with baited breath for a court decision that could give municipal governments a mandate to ban or restrict diesel vehicles, an outcome that may hasten the shift towards petrol cars and impact the country’s renewable fuel targets. 
8 Dec 2017 | John McGarrity
Lobbyists are gearing up for a fresh round of talks between EU member states on the share of crop-based biofuels in transport that should be used between 2020 and 2030, with the focus broadening from the EU Parliament to the EU Council.
1 Dec 2017
With November 30 marking the final stage for reconciliation of Year 9 certificates, trading ceased in that field, leaving Year 10 and Year 11 facing still idle demand and downward pressure on prices.
24 Nov 2017
The approaching end-of-the-line for Year 9 left limited influence on prices in a malaise that extended to much of the RTFC market. At the end of the week, bids and offers remained in a tight, unyielding range with offers on Year 10 and Year 11 heard in much the same region as in the previous week - 21.7 p for Year 10, a slightly lower 22 p for Year 11.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
The UK government this week earmarked £340 million to build a national charging network as it seeks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and said it would allow self-driving vehicles on the road by 2021, but it failed to pass measures that would have boosted ethanol use in the country’s 36 million road vehicles.