11 Jul 2018 | Rei Geyssens
Rapeseed demand for biodiesel in the EU is expected to fall by over 1 million mt, or 17%, in 2018...
29 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
Sweden’s new biofuels obligation comes into force on 1 July, which will require fuel suppliers to reduce emissions by 2.6% in gasoline and 19.3% in diesel, potentially paving the way for a substantial increase in biofuels.
27 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
The main US ethanol lobby has given a frosty response to a 3% increase in the US biofuels blending mandate, which it said was undermined by exemptions granted to small refiners.
22 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
Czech chemicals company Chemoprojekt said on June 19 that it will soon start production of biofuels based on used cooking oil, the first company in the central European country to invest in second-generation biofuels.
22 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
Talks on the UN aviation agency ICAO’s greenhouse gas reduction scheme may fail to agree guidelines on the use of biofuels and carbon offsets next week, prolonging uncertainty for fuels suppliers who are looking for clearer investment signals to emerge.
15 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
Producers of first generation biofuels are weighing the impact of the EU's new Renewable Energy Directive, which is likely to grant them some concessions but also agreed advanced biofuels, electric vehicles and other fuels, such as biomethane and hydrogen, should have a much larger share.
14 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
EU institutions have agreed to cap the use of crop-based biofuels at 7%, set a 14% threshold for renewable fuels and will gradually phase out most palm oil and some imported soy by 2030.
11 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
French farmers began a blockade of oil refineries and fuel depots on 10 June as they protest the use by energy major Total of imported palm oil at its new La Mède biodiesel plant near Marseilles.
8 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
Italian oil and gas company Eni has started collecting used cooking oils from the homes of its employees, which the company says will be converted into advanced biofuels at its Porto Marghera biorefinery.
4 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
Total, one of Europe’s producers of biodiesel, faces the prospect that its flagship La Mède biofuel refinery in southern France will be blockaded later this month in protest at the company’s use of palm oil.
1 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
Finnish biofuels producer Neste took another step to consolidating its supply chain after it said on May 25 it would buy Demeter, a Netherlands-based trader of animal fats and proteins.
1 Jun 2018 | John McGarrity
Large-scale use of jet fuels made from used cooking oil and non-edible food crops will be the aim of a major demonstration project involving sustainable aviation fuel supplier SkyNRG, according to the European Commission and national agencies in several EU countries.
21 May 2018 | John McGarrity
India's Union Cabinet on May 17 approved a national policy on biofuels that aims to find a market for surplus production and crop residues, and at the same time reduce the country's fuels imports.
18 May 2018 | John McGarrity
Total SA will substitute some crude palm oil for waste oils at its new La Mède biodiesel refinery, after the French government requested a reduction in the use of the controversial feedstock.
4 May 2018 | John McGarrity
The UK government has issued 1.504 billion Road Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs) so far for the Year-10 compliance period, according to data released this week by the Department for Transport (DfT).
4 May 2018 | John McGarrity
Minnesota became this week the first part of the US to introduce a B20 biodiesel blend for "summer" months, and is expected to be a major boon for corn and soybean growers in the state.
4 May 2018 | John McGarrity
A UK-based ferry company is trialling the use of a biofuel to be combined with low-sulphur marine gas oil that, if successful, could herald wider use in passenger ships.
27 Apr 2018 | John McGarrity
The Irish Republic has raised its biofuels blending obligation to 10% from 8% for 2019 and 2020, with the intention to increase it further from 2022 alongside the likely introduction of higher biofuel blends.
23 Apr 2018 | John McGarrity
Italian energy producer Eni said it will start producing biodiesel at a plant in Gela, Sicily, after it converts the facility from oil refining by the end of 2018 as part of a wider €7 billion investment plan.  
13 Apr 2018 | John McGarrity
The potential use of marine biofuels looks more promising after the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) on Friday agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from shipping by “at least” 50% by mid-century from a 2008 baseline, a move that will require alternatives to standard bunker fuels.
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