Corporate News

18 Mar 2018 |
Domestic air travel in Sweden could be powered by biofuels produced from the country’s plentiful forest residues rather than regular jet fuel, amid claims of a breakthrough in new research published this week.
16 Mar 2018 |
Brazil’s biggest sugar and ethanol trader Copersucar expects 2018/19 ethanol output from the center-south cane crop to grow by 5.4% to 27.5 billion litres, despite a smaller regional crop versus last season.
9 Mar 2018 |
The Colombian government has raised the blend limit for bioethanol and biodiesel in petrol and diesel as it attempts to reduce emissions, find markets for domestic agricultural produce and increase utilisation rates at the country’s biorefineries.
9 Mar 2018 |
ExxonMobil, one of the world’s biggest oil and gas producers, is stepping up its commitment to producing algae-based biofuels by expanding a research program with Synthetic Genomics, which the companies say could yield daily output of 10,000 barrels of the alternative fuel a day by 2025.
16 Feb 2018 |
US space agency NASA and European academics will in a few months release findings on the extent to which biofuels reduce pollution from aircraft.
2 Feb 2018 |
The world’s first dedicated biofueled flight between Australia and the US took off on 30 January, using a 10% mix of non-edible mustard seeds, part of a wider initiative to grow the country’s first commercial aviation biofuel seed crop by 2020.
12 Jan 2018 |
The emirate Abu Dhabi expects to complete a facility by the end of this year that will recycle used cooking oil and transform it into biofuel.
5 Jan 2018 |
Italian oil and gas company Eni, one of the country’s biggest employers, has signed an agreement to collect and treat more used oil from the homes of its workers.
18 Dec 2017 |
Neste, a Finland-based oil company and supplier of renewable fuels, is considering additional production capacity for renewable diesel, renewable aviation fuel and raw materials for various biochemicals in Singapore, where the company currently has capacity.
15 Dec 2017 |
Celtic Renewables, a Scottish company that wants to produce next generation biofuels, said this week it plans to build a biobutanol plant using whisky residue.
8 Dec 2017 |
Vivergo said this week it will cease bioethanol production at its £350 million Saltend plant in north-eastern England — just five years after it started production over what it claims is government inaction to mandate a 10% blend of ethanol in fuel sold in the UK.