18 Mar 2018 |
Spain's consumption of biodiesel increased 18.1% year-on-year as a higher blending mandate and an improving economy provided benign conditions for demand.  
18 Mar 2018 |
Domestic air travel in Sweden could be powered by biofuels produced from the country’s plentiful forest residues rather than regular jet fuel, amid claims of a breakthrough in new research published this week.
16 Mar 2018 |
Argentina’s decision to extend the exemption on biodiesel duties could open up new markets for domestic output, according to a consultant with Argentine biofuels chamber Carbio, told Agricensus.
9 Mar 2018 |
Brazil raised its biodiesel mandate to 10% on March 1 from the previous 8%, with the change expected to boost demand by nearly 25% for the biofuel this year, according to the Mines and Energy Ministry.
8 Mar 2018 |
India’s cabinet will soon examine a draft proposal for the country’s new biofuels policy ahead of a final launch later this year, the country’s oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan told a joint conference with the EU on Tuesday.  
6 Mar 2018 |
In the end, it was as painless as the government said it would be – the revamped Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation order was passed unanimously through the House of Lords during the final stage of the Statutory Instrument process, Tuesday.
2 Mar 2018 |
Trade flows and crushing volumes in the EU will be transformed if the bloc follows through on a European Parliament vote in January to exclude palm oil from the bloc's recast of its renewable energy directive, a research note from Rabobank outlined this week.
2 Mar 2018 |
Germany’s demand for biodiesel is likely to grow at a slower rate if German cities are required to curb or ban diesel cars in the wake of landmark court ruling this week, meaning additional GHG savings will have to be found in freight and in petrol consumption.
5 Jan 2018 |
Plans to introduce new EU thresholds on the use of crop-based biofuels in transport from 2021 will likely require backroom deals between European politicians later this year as a European Parliament plenary vote in mid-January isn’t expected to deliver a clear decision from lawmakers.
8 Dec 2017 |
Lobbyists are gearing up for a fresh round of talks between EU member states on the share of crop-based biofuels in transport that should be used between 2020 and 2030, with the focus broadening from the EU Parliament to the EU Council.
1 Dec 2017
With November 30 marking the final stage for reconciliation of Year 9 certificates, trading ceased in that field, leaving Year 10 and Year 11 facing still idle demand and downward pressure on prices.
1 Dec 2017 |
The final committee vote on the EU’s controversial amendments to the Renewable Energy Directive has proposed hiking up the bloc’s renewable energy target and imposing a separate biofuel blend target.
24 Nov 2017
The approaching end-of-the-line for Year 9 left limited influence on prices in a malaise that extended to much of the RTFC market. At the end of the week, bids and offers remained in a tight, unyielding range with offers on Year 10 and Year 11 heard in much the same region as in the previous week - 21.7 p for Year 10, a slightly lower 22 p for Year 11.