18 May 2018 |
A meeting of EU legislators this week made little headway on the recast of the Renewable Energy Directive, heightening the prospect that agreement on key elements of the file won’t emerge for several months, prolonging uncertainty for the biofuels sector.
18 May 2018 |
Total SA will substitute some crude palm oil for waste oils at its new La Mède biodiesel refinery, after the French government requested a reduction in the use of the controversial feedstock.
14 May 2018 |
Upcoming talks to recast the renewable energy directive may focus on limiting the environmental impact of crop-based biodiesels, particularly those derived from soyoil and palmoil.
11 May 2018 |
Global employment in the biofuels sector expanded 12% last year to 1.93 million, as production of ethanol and biodiesel increased in most major producing countries, renewable energy agency IRENA said in a report published this week.
27 Apr 2018 |
Indonesia’s government is readying a lawsuit to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on its response to the hefty anti-dumping tariff imposed by the US against the south-east Asian country’s biodiesel imports, a senior trade official was quoted as saying in local media.
23 Apr 2018 |
Italian energy producer Eni said it will start producing biodiesel at a plant in Gela, Sicily, after it converts the facility from oil refining by the end of 2018 as part of a wider €7 billion investment plan.  
4 Apr 2018 |
The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has determined that imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia materially harmed US producers.
23 Mar 2018 |
A Germany-based biodiesel plant owned by US agribusiness conglomerate ADM has been mothballed in the wake of weak prices and a flood of cheap imports from Argentina and Indonesia, which are no longer subject to EU import duties.
9 Mar 2018 |
The Colombian government has raised the blend limit for bioethanol and biodiesel in petrol and diesel as it attempts to reduce emissions, find markets for domestic agricultural produce and increase utilisation rates at the country’s biorefineries.
2 Mar 2018 |
Trade flows and crushing volumes in the EU will be transformed if the bloc follows through on a European Parliament vote in January to exclude palm oil from the bloc's recast of its renewable energy directive, a research note from Rabobank outlined this week.
2 Mar 2018 |
Negotiators from the various EU institutions met this week in the first ‘Trilogue’ meeting on the recast of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, but little progress was made on the minutiae of the proposed legislation, which includes revised caps and thresholds for the crediting of biofuels.
23 Feb 2018 |
"Trialogue" talks on the EU's recast of its Renewable Energy Directive get underway on the 27 February, prompting two Brussels-based biofuels lobbies to set out what they want from the final legislation.
23 Feb 2018 |
Italian energy company Eni has no immediate plans to switch from palm oil at its Porto Marghera biodiesel, refinery despite much fanfare that the facility would switch away from the crop to advanced biofuels and used cooking oil.
16 Feb 2018 |
Malaysia has brought its lobbying campaign to the heart of Brussels’ Berlaymont building in a bid to scupper the European Parliament’s proposed exclusion of palm oil in renewable energy, amid fears in member states that they could lose valuable export contracts.
12 Feb 2018 |
The Netherlands has become the latest EU country to promise that it will not discriminate against the crop’s use in the bloc’s renewable energy scheme after 2021, according to reports in the Malaysian media.
2 Feb 2018 |
The EU’s potential exclusion of palm oil from the bloc’s recast of its renewable energy directive may not secure the backing of member states seeking lucrative export contracts with Malaysia and Indonesia – the world’s biggest producers of the biofuel commodity.
2 Feb 2018 |
China is likely to sharply increase its imports of palm oil from Malaysia, a move that could soften the blow for producers of a proposed exclusion of the crop for use towards the EU’s renewable energy scheme from 2021-2030.
2 Feb 2018 |
Indonesia is expected to file a case by February 3 against the US over anti-subsidy duties that were placed on Indonesian biodiesel shipments, an official with the South-East Asian country's trade ministry said on Friday.
26 Jan 2018 |
based biofuels after the WTO ruled that the bloc had acted inconsistently with trade rules.
22 Jan 2018 |
Major biofuel producing nations are using the UN’s aviation agency to push for weaker rules on biofuel use after 2023 at the same time that the EU is discussing whether to ban feedstocks such as palm oil from the bloc’s renewable energy sectors.
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