16 Mar 2018 | Reese Ewing
Brazil’s biggest sugar and ethanol trader Copersucar expects 2018/19 ethanol output from the center-south cane crop to grow by 5.4% to 27.5 billion litres, despite a smaller regional crop versus last season.
16 Mar 2018 | Juan Pedro Tomas
Argentina’s decision to extend the exemption on biodiesel duties could open up new markets for domestic output, according to a consultant with Argentine biofuels chamber Carbio, told Agricensus.
9 Mar 2018 | Reese Ewing
Brazil raised its biodiesel mandate to 10% on March 1 from the previous 8%, with the change expected to boost demand by nearly 25% for the biofuel this year, according to the Mines and Energy Ministry.
9 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
US ethanol consumption will rise 1% next year, resulting in an estimated ethanol blend percentage of gasoline that increases to about 10.3% by 2019, the US Energy Information Agency estimated in a research note this week. 
9 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
The Colombian government has raised the blend limit for bioethanol and biodiesel in petrol and diesel as it attempts to reduce emissions, find markets for domestic agricultural produce and increase utilisation rates at the country’s biorefineries.
9 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
A proposed reform to the US Renewable Fuels Standard, which include a cap on prices in the scheme, could depress corn prices by 25 cents per bushel at a time that the market is reeling from a supply glut, new research has found this week.   
8 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
India’s cabinet will soon examine a draft proposal for the country’s new biofuels policy ahead of a final launch later this year, the country’s oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan told a joint conference with the EU on Tuesday.  
6 Mar 2018 | Tim Worledge
In the end, it was as painless as the government said it would be – the revamped Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation order was passed unanimously through the House of Lords during the final stage of the Statutory Instrument process, Tuesday.
2 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
The EU has sufficient charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and is likely to keep pace with forecast growth in the sector, said a study published this week by the Platform for Electromobility, a group that includes car manufacturers.
2 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
Trade flows and crushing volumes in the EU will be transformed if the bloc follows through on a European Parliament vote in January to exclude palm oil from the bloc's recast of its renewable energy directive, a research note from Rabobank outlined this week.
2 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
Negotiators from the various EU institutions met this week in the first ‘Trilogue’ meeting on the recast of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, but little progress was made on the minutiae of the proposed legislation, which includes revised caps and thresholds for the crediting of biofuels.
2 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
The European Commission has approved under EU State aid rules an Italian support scheme for advanced biofuels and biomethane, removing a potential obstacle to the deployment of a planned €4.7 billion for the scheme that will run from 2018 until 2022.  
2 Mar 2018 | Tim Worledge
The UK’s Department for Transport has signalled that it will introduce a raft of measures to improve guidance and support to industry participants affected by changes currently being made to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.
2 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
The French government said this week that it will provide €100 million to encourage investment in biomethane so that renewable gas can meet a targeted 10% of overall gas consumption by 2030.
2 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
Germany’s demand for biodiesel is likely to grow at a slower rate if German cities are required to curb or ban diesel cars in the wake of landmark court ruling this week, meaning additional GHG savings will have to be found in freight and in petrol consumption.
27 Feb 2018 | Tim Worledge
Proposed changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation have cleared their first hurdle in parliamentary committee with the Draft Renewable Transport Fuels and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations 2018 passed unanimously during a delegated legislation committee, Monday.
26 Feb 2018 | John McGarrity
US President Donald Trump will likely meet key senators and cabinet officials early this week to discuss potential changes to US biofuels policy, Reuters reported, in the aftermath of a bankruptcy involving a major east coast refiner.
23 Feb 2018 | John McGarrity
"Trialogue" talks on the EU's recast of its Renewable Energy Directive get underway on the 27 February, prompting two Brussels-based biofuels lobbies to set out what they want from the final legislation.
23 Feb 2018 | John McGarrity
A federal court in the German city of Leipzig has deferred a decision until 27 February on whether diesel cars can be banned or curbed from particular cities during periods when air quality is poor.
23 Feb 2018 | Tim Worledge
The European Commission has signalled a review into anti-dumping measures that have been in place for five years that target US ethanol imports – a measure that effectively defers a decision for another 15 months.
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