8 Dec 2017
While winter blending remained the backdrop to the UK’s certificate market, and consequently the natural appetite for certificates remained largely muted, participants could discern signs of trading interest returning after a prolonged period of stand-off.
8 Dec 2017 | Tim Worledge
US ethanol production topped 1.1 million barrels a day for the first time, while stock levels rose by half a million barrels, data released by the US Energy Information Administration for the week ending December 1 showed this week.
1 Dec 2017
With November 30 marking the final stage for reconciliation of Year 9 certificates, trading ceased in that field, leaving Year 10 and Year 11 facing still idle demand and downward pressure on prices.
1 Dec 2017 | Tim Worledge
The US Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday that refiners will have to blend slightly more biofuels in their transport fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard for the next two years - a move that was hailed as a victory for the biofuel industry.
1 Dec 2017 | Andy Allan
Exports of used cooking oil from China have nearly trebled in the first nine months of the year compared to the previous corresponding period, reaching 217,206 mt from January through September versus 75,434 mt in the previous nine months.
1 Dec 2017 | Andy Allan
Brazil’s Congress has cleared its RenovaBio biofuel programme in the first step towards bolstering the country’s biofuel credentials.
1 Dec 2017 | Andy Allan
Argentine exports of biofuels have fallen 30% in the third quarter of 2017 versus the year before, selling just 353,034 mt in July through September versus 507,260 mt in the same corresponding period.
24 Nov 2017
The approaching end-of-the-line for Year 9 left limited influence on prices in a malaise that extended to much of the RTFC market. At the end of the week, bids and offers remained in a tight, unyielding range with offers on Year 10 and Year 11 heard in much the same region as in the previous week - 21.7 p for Year 10, a slightly lower 22 p for Year 11.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
Malaysia and Indonesia have said EU lawmakers' attempts to curb palm oil use in biofuels will impact the livelihood of 18 million farmers, is unfair, and may trigger retaliatory measures.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
China’s biggest private airline has powered its first commercial international flight using biofuels, flying on a route from Beijing to Chicago on a 15% blend of used cooking oil.
17 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
The development of the US ethanol industry has inadvertently led to a massive increase in carbon emissions, a University of Wisconsin-Madison study released Wednesday said.
17 Nov 2017
As Year 9 certificates enter their last two weeks of trading, buying appetite was scarcer although prices continued to be heard offered at parity to Year 10.
17 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
The US National Biodiesel Board has written to President Trump to praise his support of the Renewable Fuel Standard, decry complaints from the US refining sector and call for the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2018 and 2019 production volume target proposals to be revised.
10 Nov 2017
RTFC values weakened as sellers were heard offering Year 9 and Year 10 at parity with each other - prices on the offer heard at 21.7 p, while Year 11 also heard offered at 22.25p.
2 Nov 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
The UK government issued 304 million Road Transport Fuel Certificates in the first 5 months of the year 10 compliance period, according to data released Thursday by the Department of Transport (DfT).
31 Oct 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
UCO prices could soften further over the next couple of months, according to leading renewable energy broker Greenea.
31 Oct 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
Finland-based energy company Neste has posted a 38% increase in year-on-year profits at its renewables division on the back of higher sales volumes arising from increased utilization rate.
27 Oct 2017
Year 10 RTFC prices moved modestly upwards Friday, to be assessed at 21.75p per litre, as firmer bids provided evidence of support.
26 Oct 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
Argentinian exports of SME and Indonesian exports of PME to the US could be looking for another home soon after the US Commerce Department set preliminary import duties of up to 70% on Argentine biodiesel and 50% on Indonesian product.
25 Oct 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
UK car makers reported a 14.2% slump in production for the domestic market, according to the SMMT, with diesel cars hardest hit. While Brexit was cited as a concern, uncertainty over government air quality initiatives is dissuading diesel buyers. 
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