16 Mar 2018 | Reese Ewing
Brazil’s biggest sugar and ethanol trader Copersucar expects 2018/19 ethanol output from the center-south cane crop to grow by 5.4% to 27.5 billion litres, despite a smaller regional crop versus last season.
16 Mar 2018
Another week in which activity for UK RTFCs bordered on the theoretical rather than the actual, as Year 10 certificates remained on the shelf while Year 11 at least generated some buying and selling price information.
9 Mar 2018
The week started with the RTFO being signed off in the House of Lords in the final step prior to its acceptance onto the statute books.
UK ethanol producer Vivergo could be poised to restart its biofuel plant market sources said Friday, after the company publicly mothballing the facility on poor margins in December.
9 Mar 2018 | Reese Ewing
Brazil raised its biodiesel mandate to 10% on March 1 from the previous 8%, with the change expected to boost demand by nearly 25% for the biofuel this year, according to the Mines and Energy Ministry.
6 Mar 2018 | Tim Worledge
In the end, it was as painless as the government said it would be – the revamped Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation order was passed unanimously through the House of Lords during the final stage of the Statutory Instrument process, Tuesday.
2 Mar 2018
For the third week Year 10 RTFCs were unchanged, to be assessed at 15.3 p per certificate as market sources reported further small trading volumes occurring at that level this week.
2 Mar 2018 | Tim Worledge
The UK’s Department for Transport has signalled that it will introduce a raft of measures to improve guidance and support to industry participants affected by changes currently being made to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.
27 Feb 2018 | Tim Worledge
Proposed changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation have cleared their first hurdle in parliamentary committee with the Draft Renewable Transport Fuels and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations 2018 passed unanimously during a delegated legislation committee, Monday.
23 Feb 2018
Conflicting forces conspired to keep RTFC values in check Friday, with any interest focused on Year 10 certificates as Year 11 manfully continues to await action from the UK government.
23 Feb 2018 | Tim Worledge
The European Commission has signalled a review into anti-dumping measures that have been in place for five years that target US ethanol imports – a measure that effectively defers a decision for another 15 months.
23 Feb 2018 | Andy Allan
The US Commerce Department has increased what were already punitive anti-dumping duties on biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia, effectively blocking off palm and soybean derived fuels from entering the US market.
16 Feb 2018
RTFCs showed signs of shrugging off the winter quiet spell, as buying interest picked up and Year 10 sellers "pounced".
16 Feb 2018 | John McGarrity
Germany’s consumption of biodiesel rose 2% in January-November 2017 compared with the first 11 months in 2016 as tighter CO2 targets for biofuels increased consumption of products that have a lower carbon footprint than bioethanol.
9 Feb 2018
Year 10 and Year 11 certificates were assessed unchanged on Friday at 15 p for Year 10 and 15.5 p for Year 11 as a familiar pattern held sway over RTFC prices.
9 Feb 2018 | John McGarrity
Waste-to-energy producer Enerkem has landed one of the biggest venture capital deals ever in Canada, securing C$280m ($221m) in investments that will be used to fund a global expansion.
9 Feb 2018 | John McGarrity
Neste, one of Europe’s biggest producers of biofuels, reported stronger profits for 2017 and expects the additional margin for renewable products to stay at a “good” level in 2018.
9 Feb 2018 | John McGarrity
UPM, an Helsinki-headquartered refiner of advanced biofuels, is exploring whether to build  a possible 500,000 mt/year biorefinery in south-eastern Finland - but is unlikely to take a decision until next year at the earliest.
2 Feb 2018
Year 10 and 11 certificates remained under pressure as February arrived, although a slightly softer tone to mineral oil prices left space for biodiesel premiums to firm marginally relieving some of the pressure from the theoretical certificate cap.
2 Feb 2018 | John McGarrity
China is likely to sharply increase its imports of palm oil from Malaysia, a move that could soften the blow for producers of a proposed exclusion of the crop for use towards the EU’s renewable energy scheme from 2021-2030.
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