8 Dec 2017 | John McGarrity
BP Biofuels and Brazilian sugar and ethanol trader Copersucar have agreed a joint venture to own and operate an ethanol storage terminal in Sao Paulo State. A BP statement said the new terminal would "better and flexibly" connect ethanol production with Brazil's main fuels markets
28 Nov 2017 | Tim Worledge
Energy major Royal Anglo Dutch Shell has revealed a fresh target to cut its emissions of carbon dioxide by around 50% by the year 2050 in a company strategy update released Tuesday.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
London’s red buses will soon run on waste from coffee shops, after London based Bio-bean agreed to conduct a demonstration project with oil major Shell.
17 Nov 2017 | Tom Houghton
French biodiesel producer Saipol is to mothball its Sète facility in the south of the country citing an influx of biodiesel from Argentina following the EU's decision to change import duties levied on the volumes, local media has reported this week.
17 Nov 2017 | Tom Houghton
Protestors dressed as orangutans entered the lobby of Carrefour headquarters to protest its use of palm oil-based biofuels at its petrol stations in France on Thursday.
14 Nov 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
The UK ethanol production company Vivergo has announced it is bringing forward maintenance at its Humberside facility citing a cocktail of low ethanol prices on the international market and a perceived lack of clear legislative ambition in the UK’s biofuel policy.
10 Nov 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who was a special adviser to President Donald Trump, has been subpoenaed over his role on advising the President on changes to the US Renewable Fuel Standard, according to a disclosure from the US Attorney’s office and published by Icahn’s company – Icahn Enterprises.
10 Nov 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
Shares in Tesla, the catalyst for change in vehicle powertrains, took a battering this week, as its quarterly results revealed bigger-than-expected losses and the company acknowledged delays in producing its ground-breaking Model 3.
31 Oct 2017 | Andrew Goodwin
Sinopec this week opened two refilling stations offering B5 fuels sourced from Chinese gutter oil.
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