Tom Houghton

26 Jul 2018 | Tom Houghton
Looking at ways to absorb excess supply from its booming agriculture sector, a senior Russian government official has...
18 Dec 2017 | Tom Houghton
Leftover waste from manufacturing Greek yoghurt can be used to produce biofuels and reduce carbon emissions, a new study has said.
17 Nov 2017 | Tom Houghton
French biodiesel producer Saipol is to mothball its Sète facility in the south of the country citing an influx of biodiesel from Argentina following the EU's decision to change import duties levied on the volumes, local media has reported this week.
17 Nov 2017 | Tom Houghton
Protestors dressed as orangutans entered the lobby of Carrefour headquarters to protest its use of palm oil-based biofuels at its petrol stations in France on Thursday.