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3 Oct 2019 | Andy Allan
Lobby groups in the US that represent soybean growers and makers of biodiesel have stepped...
2 Oct 2019 | Andy Allan
Grain handling company The Andersons is to merge four ethanol plants into a new joint venture with...
9 Aug 2019 | Andy Allan
Argentine production of biodiesel will fall 10% this year as European demand for soy methyl-ester (SME) wanes...
14 Mar 2019 | John McGarrity, Andy Allan
The UK will retain tariffs on fuel ethanol in the event of a no-deal Brexit from the EU, a move taken...
4 Feb 2019 | Andy Allan
A decision on January 29 by the EU to recognise US sustainability standards for soybeans and make it easier to produce biofuels...
6 Jun 2018 | Andy Allan
Reforms to the US flagship renewable fuels programme have been stalled indefinitely, as pressure from lawmakers in corn growing states scuppered an EPA plan that they feared would hit demand for ethanol.
23 Mar 2018 | Rei Geyssens, Andy Allan
A Dutch court will next week rule on whether Cofco International acted legally when it seized the bank accounts, art collections and property belonging to the former owners of Nidera – a soft commodities and biofuels trader it bought outright in 2017 – amid allegations of improper accounting.
23 Feb 2018 | Andy Allan
The US Commerce Department has increased what were already punitive anti-dumping duties on biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia, effectively blocking off palm and soybean derived fuels from entering the US market.
2 Feb 2018 | Andy Allan
The EU Commission is to launch an investigation whether producers of Argentinian biofuels – predominantly soy methyl ester (SME) – have benefitted from subsidies, according to a log in the EU Official Journal, a move that could lead to higher tariffs on imports.
26 Jan 2018 | Andy Allan
based biofuels after the WTO ruled that the bloc had acted inconsistently with trade rules.
23 Jan 2018 | Andy Allan
Last week the EU Parliament passed a bill to amend the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), legislation that will set renewable energy targets for the European Union for the next 12 years.
1 Dec 2017 | Andy Allan
Exports of used cooking oil from China have nearly trebled in the first nine months of the year compared to the previous corresponding period, reaching 217,206 mt from January through September versus 75,434 mt in the previous nine months.
1 Dec 2017 | Andy Allan
The final committee vote on the EU’s controversial amendments to the Renewable Energy Directive has proposed hiking up the bloc’s renewable energy target and imposing a separate biofuel blend target.
1 Dec 2017 | Andy Allan
Brazil’s Congress has cleared its RenovaBio biofuel programme in the first step towards bolstering the country’s biofuel credentials.
1 Dec 2017 | Andy Allan
Argentine exports of biofuels have fallen 30% in the third quarter of 2017 versus the year before, selling just 353,034 mt in July through September versus 507,260 mt in the same corresponding period.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
London’s red buses will soon run on waste from coffee shops, after London based Bio-bean agreed to conduct a demonstration project with oil major Shell.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
Malaysia and Indonesia have said EU lawmakers' attempts to curb palm oil use in biofuels will impact the livelihood of 18 million farmers, is unfair, and may trigger retaliatory measures.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
The UK Department of Transport has said it is “on track” to make changes to its Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation by April 2018, although declined to say when the legislation will be passed.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
China’s biggest private airline has powered its first commercial international flight using biofuels, flying on a route from Beijing to Chicago on a 15% blend of used cooking oil.
24 Nov 2017 | Andy Allan
The UK government this week earmarked £340 million to build a national charging network as it seeks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and said it would allow self-driving vehicles on the road by 2021, but it failed to pass measures that would have boosted ethanol use in the country’s 36 million road vehicles.
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