Alexandra Chapman

16 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
US president Joe Biden has promised to lower costs of US electric vehicles as the country looks to decarbonize transport and...
15 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
Italian energy major Eni will work with the country's largest airport hub in Rome to develop sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)...
14 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
German biodiesel exports fell in the first six months of the year but still exceeded long-term average figures, German oilseed...
13 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
A proposed biodiesel and renewable diesel blenders tax credit extension through to 2031 in the US has won the backing of...
13 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
The UK government has called for a new target to reach zero global shipping emissions by 2050, the Department for...
The US ethanol and renewable fuels industry has requested that small refinery exemptions (SREs) granted by former president...
10 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
The Washington DC Circuit Court of Appeal has rejected a biofuel industry petition that looked to overturn a July decision...
10 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
The ethanol industry experienced a boost in 2020 as demand for ethanol-based industrial products such as hand sanitizer...
9 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
US ethanol production rebounded last week, jumping to 923,000 barrels per day, ending an eight week production decline, data published by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed on Wednesday.
9 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
Up to 10 European countries lack a single electric vehicle (EV) charging point per 100 kilometres of road, further highlighting a lack of sufficient infrastructure to support the region’s plans to electrify transport.
US biodiesel exports exceeded imports in July for the fourth month in a row, with the majority of volumes still destined for Canada, according to the US Census Bureau.
7 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
The UK government has published a draft Statutory Instrument (SI), to amend the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), marking a key stage in raising the country’s overall blending mandate by 5% between now and 2032.
The largest biodiesel facility in the US - Diamond Green Diesel - remains offline after falling victim to Hurricane Ida, which knocked out power to 904,000 homes and businesses across Louisiana.
6 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
UK energy regulator Ofgem has launched a strategy to bring down charging costs for electric vehicle (EV) users as part of a wider effort to ease the nation’s switch away from combustion cars.
3 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
The European Commission has approved Sweden’s tax exemptions for biofuels for an additional year as part of a wider...
A potential retroactive lowering of biofuel blending obligations for 2020 is unlikely to affect biofuel supply and production, experts...
1 Sep 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
The long-anticipated launch of the higher E10 petrol grade in UK forecourts on September 1 is expected to boost national biofuels production and cut transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year, the UK government has announced.
31 Aug 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
The UK government’s planned move towards electric vehicles (EVs) could result in higher congestion due to low charging costs as well as up to £30 billion in revenue losses, a new report from former prime minister Tony Blair's think tank shows.
31 Aug 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
Japan’s Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO) will begin developing a commercial scale biofuel refinery targeting the domestic aviation sector.
26 Aug 2021 | Alexandra Chapman
UK road traffic has jumped back up to levels seen in the first week of 2020, according to data published by the UK government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) on August 26.
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