Argentina to export 700,000 mt of biodiesel this year: Carbio

14 May 2018 |

Argentina is expected to export some 700,000 mt of biodiesel during 2018, down from the 1.2 million mt in 2017, Gustavo Idigoras, a consultant with Carbio, told Energy Census.

Carbio previously anticipated biodiesel exports of 500,000 mt in 2017, but higher sales to European markets forced an upward revision.

Most of Argentina’s biodiesel exports are expected to go to Europe, Peru and Canada.

“According to our forecasts, biodiesel exports to European markets will reach nearly 600,000 mt this year,” Idigoras said.

The sharp decline in biodiesel exports year-on-year is down to anti-dumping measures imposed by the US government.

Argentina exported just 40,000 mt of biodiesel in February, versus 214,000 mt in January as fears over potential EU duties deterred flows, the latest statistics from Argentina’s Ministry of Energy showed, with Malta, the Netherlands and Peru the main destinations.

While the European Court of Justice (ECJ) recently removed duties on Argentine exports, there are expectations that the European Union will likely set new anti-dumping duties later this year.

Argentina can produce up to 4.5 million mt of biodiesel per year, according to nameplate capacity, with the domestic market taking 1 million mt.

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